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Re: potty training under 2yo experiences?

All kids are really different and I have read about genetics playing into it sometimes. My daughter was almost trained at 18 months then regressed due to a bad yeast infection, she is 4 and still really wet at night but does well during the day. My son is almost 2 and has decided he wants to use the potty, i am just going with the flow when he asks because I dont want to get into the regression mode again. also I wet the bed until I was 10 and my doctor told me it could be passed down so I am not expecting night training to happen anytime soon. A bummer, but not the end of the world as I eventually grew out of it, I expect they will too.
Dont get to wrapped up in having your kids trained in 3 days because, new babies, getting sick, teething, over excitement etc, etc can all end up in some minor set backs. Good luck though I know others that got it done and never had to look back.
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