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Re: No agreement on names?

Originally Posted by Cashmama View Post
I just got on here to start the same thread! I am 29 weeks prego with our 3rd boy and DH is insisting on calling him Thor. I'm sorry--but I just can't. He also loves Edmund, but I know he'd be called Ed, which I don't like. We just can not agree! To make matters worse, our other 3 children all have C names, and neither of us can agree on any C names! Oy...what to do...
Omg this is the same exact situation I am in right now. I am 30 weeks with our first and we are team green. Husband and I agree on a girl's name but not a boy's. He doesn't like any of the boy's names I suggest, he only wants Thor and is convinced that we will be having a boy that will be named Thor. We even got laughed at during our baby shower yesterday when people learned he was considering this name.
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