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Re: Those who had a previous hemmorhage- question for you

Just make sure they are prepared with everything they need to be, just in case. I have heavy PP bleeding. All my vaginal births have required pitocin, 2 shots of methergine, tons of painful fundal massage (three working on me at once - I had bruises last time!!!) but thankfully no transfusions. Still, it make the after birth part more scary to me than labor and delivery. I have heard that induced labors with pitocin is more prone to bleeding (all 3 of mine were induced and long). It just over taxes the uterus and can make it "tired" so to speak afterwards. So all I am doing this time is avoiding induction if possible and crossing my fingers this labor goes a little faster. RRL tea might be good to try too since its primary purpose is to tone the uterine muscle. Shephards Purse is a tincture to use after birth I believe, but in the case of a true hemorrhage, I don't think it would be adequate. I would also work through some of your fears and maybe try some positive affirmations as you get closer to birth. I am a big believer in the mind/body connection.
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