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Originally Posted by mugsywebb
10 do and I tested again. Bfn. So clearly white there would be no point in taking pictures.
I swear, once I test one time then I can't stop.... but I only have one test left so I will have to.
The only symptoms I have are being beyond exhausted, everything smells bad (I live beside a small lake and outside I can smell pure fish smell and inside it is onions though we have no onions) and constipation.
Af is due Sunday so I cannot test again until Monday.
Good luck everyone!
That's how I am too with testing lol, that first one opens the gate to poasaholic! Lol!

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Deirdre~ Wife to Joe & Momma to Emily (May 2007), Lilly (November 2008), Joseph (July 2010), Maggie (July 2012) & Daisy (July 2014)!
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