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Re: Omfg stfu go to sleep

DD was awesome about sleeping & bedtime until 3.5 And I get it, or at least I try to. We moved, she stopped DC (aka "school"), started staying home w/ me, and we shifted into high gear w/ the pregnancy all at the same time. It was quite a disruption for everyone, but of course DD it was worse. She stopped STTN, sometimes getting up 4 times a night. She started having difficulty falling asleep, even though she had been taking melatonin on & off for some time. Two nights ago, she was up until 11pm! Then of course she doesn't want to get up in the morning &wants a 3hr nap.

So I didn't let her nap yesterday, she fell asleep @7:30, & got up once in the middle of the night b/c she was cold. So I thik we're definitely going to have to limit naps. I'll miss the downtime during the day, but DD & DP have been in a pissing contest over bedtime for weeks & the only leverage I've had is to [threaten to] take something away from her, otherwise she'll be out of bed 45 times before falling asleep. Kiddo has never been clingy, so I feel for her, but I need kid-free time w/ DP on occasion to watch a show, talk about her job, etc.
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