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okay... called my old doctor's office. my doctor switched practices, and the one he moved to is about 40 minutes away, so i changed doctors. since he no longer works there, i can't get anyone to write me a script, as i never saw anyone else. called him at his new practice, and he would need me to come in, and he doesn't have any appointments until next wednesday, and i will probably be out of town.

SO, plan b. called the NEW doctor that i am supposed to see on dec 9th. they said that the earliest they can get me in is december 2nd. they said to get the monistat 7, take the full 7 days, and i went ahead and set an appointment for the 2nd as well, so if this is NOT gone by then, i will be seen on the 2nd. if it is, then i can cancel my appt on the 2nd, and still keep the one on the 9th.


so, went to walgreens and got monistat 7 and pantiliners. will start it tonight before bed.
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