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Re: Those who had a previous hemmorhage- question for you

I just wanted to update that I had my baby and they did something different that really helped this time! I had an all natural birth (my first!) and so I thought that perhaps I wouldn't bleed too much but I still did quite a bit. But my MW uses cytotec suppositories instead of methergine and it really worked for me! She placed 4 which IIRC is 800mg in the rectum (she said they won't stay in the vagina after birth for obvious reasons) and while it wasn't the most fun process it was over quick and worked great for me. I still needed fundal massage but it was more like 30-40 minutes instead of the 3 hours its been my last two births and then it slowed. I had never heard of them using cytotec to stop PP bleeding but when it worked so well my first thought was to share it on this thread so maybe other mamas can ask their HCP and see if that is something they also might use.
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