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Re: Omfg stfu go to sleep

Originally Posted by mrseum View Post
Wow- I wonder if I bribe my 4 1/2 year old with a dollar each night he'd stop fussing if we don't lay with him?! Every night "please sleep with me, PLEASE!!" Hum. You are perfectly capable... He jut doesn't want to be alone. :/
An the 2 1/2 year old... He takes an hour and a half usually of fussing/trying to get in & out of bed. He KNOWS I will not let him out of bed! So I don't get it... We have a newbie due in Feb. I do not know how this is going to work!
I am going to suggest to DH later that we go to a few Goodwills today & see if we can fid a tv w/a DVD player on it for their room. :/ I KNOW TV before bed is bad & we had always stayed away from it, but Im getting desperate.
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We have done the tv/dvd deal at night out of desperation so you are NOT alone!! We did it with DS4 to keep him in bed and discontinued it after a few months. Now, DS 4 and DS5 share a room, and we are at it again...sigh. But DS5 is even worse in that when a movie ends he will come wake me up wailing " you GOT to press play!! "

So now I put a Baby Einstein video on repeat play in the hopes he'll stay in bed all night...hasn't worked yet...grrrr
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