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Originally Posted by my5sons

We have done the tv/dvd deal at night out of desperation so you are NOT alone!! We did it with DS4 to keep him in bed and discontinued it after a few months. Now, DS 4 and DS5 share a room, and we are at it again...sigh. But DS5 is even worse in that when a movie ends he will come wake me up wailing " you GOT to press play!! "

So now I put a Baby Einstein video on repeat play in the hopes he'll stay in bed all night...hasn't worked yet...grrrr
Oh no! I told DS1 tonight "what if; you go to bed without me or daddy, and if you can get to sleep on your own, we will give you a dollar in the morning so that you can buy something you want?" "Really?! A dollar?!....but... I don't like to go to sleep alone, I like one of you with me..." :sigh:
Right now he goes to sleep in our room, and then when ds2 I finally asleep we move him to their room. Otherwise it's crazy! Today ds2 had a much needed nap, and didn't fall asleep until 11, even though we started trying to get him into bed @ 9:30. :/
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