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Any Mama's who have sucessfully relactated?

Long story short... DS is 4 months old and I had a traumatic delivery and somehow let myself be talked out of breastfeeding him. Thanks to a wonderful mama on here, I was able to get an SNS and a manual pump. I tried the SNS once but obviously can't remember how to get DS to latch and it failed. Now, I totally didn't expect it to be easy at all but it was super emotional just that one time... I haven't tried again (this was earlier today) as I want to get in contact with an LC to help me so that I don't end up making DS hate going to the breast (KWIM?)...

I'm just wondering if any mama's have successfully done this? I have NO support from family (other than DH) and am getting a ton of flack for this... I am planning on using More Milk Plus (if I can find the mama on thebabywearer who was going to send it to me..) but no one understands my desire to do this... My grandma even said to me 'why bother, you stop breastfeeding around 9 months old anyway, is it even worth it?'... She nearly died when I told her that the AAP has changed their veiw and recommends up to 2 years (at least 1 year)... She said '2 years is way to long for a baby to nurse'.

Anyway... I'm really just looking for support. I know it's not an easy battle but it's one I'm willing to fight... For the good of my baby. It's never too late... Right?

TIA ladies!
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