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Snap EZ vs. FF vs. FB fit

Okay ladies, I usually use FB mainly because I found them on sale. My DD is 20 lbs and long and thin I think. Fits really well in medium FB. Rachele and FF is going to make me some FF pockets, but I have never tried one. I just got some used Snap EZ pockets size M and the fit is terrible on DD. I know many mamas rave about Snap EZ, but for DD the thighs are a little tight and the waist is too loose. I am wondering if maybe I have the wrong size? The Medium FB will probably last me another 9-12 months the way she has been stedily growning, unless she outgrows the rise first. Anyhow, the way that the Snap EZ would fit would be on the tightest snaps along the waist on the loosest snaps on the thigh, it just doesn't look right, and doesn't seem to fit her right either.
My question is this. What size should I tell Rachele to make my FF dipes? I just don't know anymore. I thought I knew the answer until I tried the Snap-EZ but it just doesn't seem right.
Thanks ladies for any input you have on this.
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