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Re: Any Mama's who have sucessfully relactated?

I got some milk out, but DS never returned to the breast. I used Domperidone, too. I ordered it from some offshore pharmacy in New Zealand or something like that, LOL! I wish I could remember. I think when I did research on it your doc is more likely to give you an Rx (if they will at all) for Reglan. However, from my research I decided to go with the domp. because of the lesser side effects. I gained weight on the domperidone (about 10 lbs), but that was pretty much it. The reglan side effects were just too scary for me.
If you search around online you can find places to order it from - it's legal in other countries and they can send it to the U.S. but you can't buy it HERE without an Rx (I guess).
I also suggest adding fenugreek to that - but you'll get that from the tea if you can get it. There are lots of other herbs you can get, but if you get the tea a lot of them are in there.
Make sure you get to an LC to help. I had a LactAid and I got REALLY frustrated with it. I ended up pumping and adding it to his bottles until I decided to stop pumping. Putting baby to the breast will get you far more than pumping anyway. SO I guess using an LC to help you get him to the breast would be the first and most important step as the rest of the steps make take some time to be able to get (like the Domp. or Reglan). The LCs can also give you more great suggestions that would work for YOU.
Titania gave you some GREAT links up there, too!!
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