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Re: Any Mama's who have sucessfully relactated?

Yes it is possible! I stopped nursing my son (who is now 2 1/2) because people around me weren't very supportive of it and my son was very jaundice and their comments kept scaring me. I nursed for 4 weeks and then gave up because of it. My son was diagnosed with acid reflux and would spit up all the time so seemed very discouraging to breastfeed.
I then tried every formula on the market to try and find one that worked for my son. Nothing seemed to make him content. After a couple months of bouncing from different formulas I decided it wasn't work it and my ped told me that breastmilk is better for his reflux. She told me to try and see if I could get my milk supply back.
I went and bought a good pump and pretty much had my ds at the breast constantly. I bought a lot of mother's milk tea as well and drank it all the time. I was able to get my supply back completely and my son was so happy once I did. He was like a completely different baby!
I used bottles that resembled the breast when I was feeding so latch wasn't a huge issue, but it did take some getting used to.

Good for you mama for trying to do what is best for your baby! I am sure that you will do it and don't listen to the people trying to discourage you! It is what is best for you and your baby and there is no better bonding that breastfeeding!

Feel free to pm me if you ever want to talk. I would be more than happy to be here for you for support or answer any ?? you may have!
Take care and good luck!
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