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Re: Any Mama's who have sucessfully relactated?

Kudos to you for wanting to try - I really hope you find local support, it helps so much to have a cheerleading team behind you.

I too had a very tramautic labor and postpartum and my milk supply suffered immensely. I went 100% dry and am VERY allergic to Fenugreek - so I was limited in what I could take (Fenugreek did help for the few days I took it before I realized where my hives were coming from). I did have sucess with extra pumpings (even though I didn't get milk, the extra nipple stimulation was important) and with dompheridone. I tried Reglan, and while it worked - it was absolutely awful for me and I couldn't tolerate it...the Dompheridone also worked, not as dramatically, but did help a lot and with not a single side effect (my OBGYN Rx and a local pharmacy componded it..I also ordered from NZ before I found the local pharmacy - cost was equal). By the time dd was 3 months I was finally up to 100% - but when I returned to work and had to rely on pumping during the day, I again had a significant drop in supply. I really cherish the time I spent nursing and am glad I took the extra effort to make milk, even when it came down to just one nursing and only 8oz after 3 to 4 pumping sessions - I was proud of myself and happy that I could provide that for my dd.

Sadly, I developed thrush followed by ezcema on my nipples and when my dd turned 6 months - I did allow us to call it quits. I'm still battling the ezcema - this is not common, and not related to I wouldn't expect this to happen for you.

I have an open bottle of More Milk Plus & Lactiflow (similiar tincture to More Milk Plus...but with a smaller amount of fenugreek) and dompheridone - that I'm no longer using. PM me if interested - I know it's wierd/worrisome to consider an open bottle, so I would understand your declining... I would just love to see these go to someone who could use them. I also have Mother's Milk tea...

My other big suggestion is to increase your water intake dramatically and make sure to eat enough calories (500 extra to make milk/day). Best of luck and many well wishes!
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