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Re: How on earth do you lose weight

I have lost about 30-35 pound so far, just from doing nothing. But I have another 25-30 to go! OI gained the same with my first too. It was off by the time he was 5 months! I think it will be off from this one too. I just drink soo sooooo much water. That helps a lot. I have a serious sweet tooth when I am pregnant, and since it is the only time in your life people don't judge you for being fat I just let go and have fun!! I haven't been working out as it has been 90+ degrees here and British houses don't have air! I haven't shopped for closes. I think that help. Of course if you have to shop for work and such that is another story, but if not avoid it. No one wants to try on those cute clothes you would normally buy and find that you look aweful in them! I hit a "milestone" though. I can fit what I call my fat jeans. I have two pair of jeans for after baby that are not maternity. They are to wear until my regular jeans fit! I bought them after my first son was born. I just had to get out of maternity clothes kwim! About two weeks ago they started to fit. A little tight still, but they fit!! WOOHOO! Baby is three months tomorrow, so I am doing pretty good! I think you just have to try to think positive. You had a baby, that is a beautiful thing! Emrase your womanly body!
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