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Re: What to do with Gerber prefolds!

Originally Posted by SoftBumBaby
Oh man. My MIL did the same thing today (one dozen). Now everyone is telling me what crap they are. I have already washed and dried these and have yet to try them on Evan. I was all excited thinking these would tide me over so that I don't have to buy regular sized IPFs or CPFs yet (we have infant sized IPFs and they are getting too small).

Can I ask how long they were on your baby before they leaked? Two hours? An hour? This just s*cks.
Well with indian or chinese prefolds I will change my baby every 1-2 hrs and when i do she has peed but it hasn't leaked anywhere and the dampness isn't really bothering her....

with the gerbers when i go to check her for our regular change after an hour or so she has leaked everywhere and her cover is too wet to use again.

i usually use wigglewormbottom covers or cot'n wrap and with indian or chinese prefolds i can use the same cover for 2-4 diapers because it doesn't leak through to the cover- but with the gerbers i had to change my cover every time.
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