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Am I overreacting?

Okay so first off at the office I go to there are three midwives. They work as a team but you only see one each app (go by who is at the office that day). I like two of them (pam and kim), the other just seems to be too doctor like for my taste (susan). Okay so I had my 37 week app today. I was 10 min late. I became really dizzy and had to sit for a while so I would not pass out which made me leave the house later. A problem we were trying to find out what was causing it. It is a concern of Kim's.

So I show up at the appointment (which is a 1/2 hr drive) and they tell me that Susan won't see me because I was late. So I had to reschedule for next thursday. I would understand completely but I have been late before and both Pam and Kim saw me still. heck I even got my times confused and showed up 2 hrs late and Kim still saw me.

My problem is that they didn't even ask why I was late or if I had any concerns that needed addressed. They just pushed me off like all well its just another week, who cares. They knew I was having problems. I just want to know do you think I'm overreacting?

I mean I'm 37 wks and I won't see them until I'm 38 wks and at my last app (36 wks) they had to strap me to a monitor and take more blood because of my dizziness, very low BP, and I was seeing spots. I haven't heard anything about the results and I am becoming very weak. Plus I have a few other concerns.

I am also upset that I still had to pay for parking because that office would not stamp my paper so I had to withdraw money out of the hospital's ATM and pay a $4 fee.

Sorry for the long post but I just needed to rant. Thanks for listening...well reading. lol
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