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Re: Am I overreacting?

At 37 weeks, there's no reason you should be getting casually brushed off like that! I could see if maybe you were in your first or second trimester....or if you were reeeeeally late. But when you're full term and you're already having "issues," they should see you. Period.

How long are your typical appointments, by the way? My midwife visits usually take at least 40 to 45 minutes. And they schedule her to see only one client an hour. So, even if I got to my birth center 10 minutes late, she'd still have a ton of time set aside to see me. And, cripes, if I went to my normal gyno appointment 10 minutes late, I'd still have to sit in the waiting room reading year old "People" magazines for half an hour before the nurse would even call my name. Funny how doctors can keep you waiting as long as they want to, but they hold patients to a different standard.

But seriously. Are they trying to punish you for being "tardy" or something? That just doesn't seem like sound medical practice to me. And its definitely not the quality of care I'd expect from a midwife. Even a really busy one.
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