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Baby Girl is here....was a very scary story

After three easy vaginal deliveries, I have always laughed that the doctor was just there to catch and clean up. Many of my friends do home births, and I think that is awesome. I have just not been comfortable with the idea for me, especially since we live about an hour from a hospital. New baby's birth story makes me thankful that I followed my feelings on this decision for us.

Dh left for work on Thursday morning. I got up to use the restroom and passed some blood. I had never bled during pregnancy or my other labors, so I was concerned and called the on-call doc. He instructed me to go in first thing to have my doc check me. I called dh back home and we headed out.

Upon arriving at the office, I had no active bleeding, was having mild contractions, and baby was great. Doc said it looked like bloody show and the beginning of labor. She had just checked me the day before, so she thought the blood was just from my cervix. She offered to send me to the hospital and break my water, or let me get out to walk to see if I could get going on my own. Dh and I got lunch and spent the afternoon window shopping in the town where the hospital is located. Labor never picked up, so after a while I got tired and we returned home.

I started having more intense contractions in the late evening, finally fell asleep around 11pm, and was awakened by a strong contraction at midnight and discovered that I was bleeding again. They were coming every twelve minutes and had become real labor contractions, so I couldn't sleep. I got up and decided to put on my makeup to pass some time. After, I tried to lay still for awhile to rest until I wanted to leave. However, my contractions went from twelve to four minutes and became really painful. I woke dh, left the older kids a note, called in-laws to come over(they were only twenty minutes away), and we left.

When I arrived at the hospital, the nurse said I was still three cm, which I had been for two weeks. I had already been laboring several hours with no change. I was very disappointed. I was also bleeding much heavier, which the nurse was fairly concerned about and called the on-call doc. I also felt that I needed to pee, but when I would try, just sitting on the toilet caused intense pain and pressure.

Suddenly my contractions changed to something I have never experienced, and I've had pitocin once. I could no longer relax and breathe. I was moaning and gasping, after telling dh about how I am never vocal during labor (my other dc were from my late dh, so this was new dh's first experience). During contractions, I knew something was terribly wrong, between I would tell myself I had become a big wimp since having my 9yo. I was still at 3cm, having been at the hospital for three hours, in active labor for about six and a half.

Finally, during a contraction I forced myself to relax and I thought I had peed myself. I honestly didn't care because of the relief it brought. However, it was blood and a lot of it. The baby's heart rate started to bounce between 80-180. My nurse became very nervous and called my doctor, not the on-call doc. She got to the hospital about thirty minutes later, told me she was concerned about the baby, going to break my water for internal monitors and sit with me. I told her I was in pain like I had never experienced. Having been with me for other pregnancies, she could see that and was very concerned. She then raised the sheet, saw all of the blood, and said, "We may be going now." She checked me, came back with a soft-ball sized clot, looked at me and said, "We are going NOW." She turned to dh, who had seen the clot and went white, and said, "Sorry, you can't go with us." Then, dh said that my cute little blonde bubbly doc went from cheerleader to staff sergeant, telling him it was serious. She started yelling for a STAT c-section and the room flooded with people. Dh says that the whole L&D floor came alive. The call went out over the speakers and people were running down the halls. They had me down the hall and under general anesthesia in less than five minutes. The last thing I heard was the neonatologist telling me that my baby was doing fine, but we needed her out now. Then the anathesiologist told me I was going under and asked if I would accept a transfusion if needed to save my life. I went out praying out loud, "Lord I will trust you."

I woke up to see dh standing over dd, talking to her. They told me my placenta had ruptured and I lost a lot of blood, but they didn't have to do a transfusion. The nurse grabbed dd and brought her to my breast. She latched right on.

Thankfully, the doc had come in just in time. She said dd was pink when born and her apgars were 8 and 9. My uterus was filled with blood, but my hemoglobin didn't drop as much as expected and was on the rise the next day.

My doc came in to see me later that afternoon. She told dd that God was definitely in control and watching over her because she had not planned to be at the hospital that early, yet when she got the call from the nurse, something told her to get there immediately. She said the placenta had completely detached (she thinks it was actually detaching when she walked in from my pain level and bleeding at that moment), and we were about ten minutes from a very different ending. Dd was rescued less than twenty minutes after the doc pulled into the parking lot. Dh said he was called back in after only fifteen minutes of them kicking him out. He said it was the scariest fifteen minutes of his life. One minute he was having a baby, the next he didn't know if he would have either of us.

We were in the hospital two nights and have been home a few days. We are both doing well and I am eternally grateful to an on-time God, my doctor, and a wonderful medical team that saved us both.
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