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Re: Pushy Mother-in-Law

Originally Posted by Sha-nanagins View Post
Yes, this is exactly what had to happen with my MIL. Two years ago, she moved to the same area we live in. It's her favorite part of the country, and she has been talking about wanting to live around here for years. 6 months later, she's talking about moving back to where she lived before, because she's just so disappointed in DH. She thought that when she moved closer "to be near my family", she'd see him more often - she only expected it to be "two or three times a week." Um, hello! The man works almost 80 hours a week! I told her, "I live with him and I hardly see him more than 3 times a week!" She expected that I would now go and find a full-time job since she's here now and could babysit DS2, but he'd have to change his habits, of course, because she'd have to watch her TV shows. Wrong again!

Best thing that we ever did was to introduce her to a friend of ours who is near her age, shares her interest in dogs, and is retired. She has gotten MIL involved in several things at church, and it has really helped take some of the pressure off.

"change his habits" to suit her TV shows? Yikes! Glad you found a diplomatic solution.
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