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Re: Am I overreacting?

Originally Posted by Monzie View Post
How long are your typical appointments, by the way?
Usually I am on time and I have to wait about a half and hour then between seeing the midwife and getting checked out that is another hour.

Originally Posted by Monzie View Post
But seriously. Are they trying to punish you for being "tardy" or something? That just doesn't seem like sound medical practice to me. And its definitely not the quality of care I'd expect from a midwife. Even a really busy one.
That is kinda how I feel. Like she thought since I was late she would not see me, even though it usually take a fricken half and hour anyway before they see me.

The other two midwives have never done this. I hadn't seen Susan yet with this pregnancy and only a few times with my last. I never had liked her much, don't get me wrong she was the one who delivered my DD so she is good at that.
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