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Originally Posted by Weezy6703
I thought the same thing Maybe it was user error but i kept trying. I tried it before going to the moon cup almost 2 yr ago. Before that I used the sea sponge.
Me, too. I kept trying & got seriously hurt. Like bruised inside for a couple weeks! The first time I saw a view of the rim compared to regular menstrual cups I was dumbfounded how insanely huge the soft cups are, at that time called "Instead" cups.

If I had to pick just one cup out of the ones I love and decided to keep, it would have to be Sckoon. Awesome capacity, no pronounced rim, soft (yet firm enough to open), and just great! I love that it's way smaller than larger cups, yet it holds way more!

I did not like their customer service, however, and the lady on the phone begged me not to leave a bad review, which I found weird and sort of pathetic, really!
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