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Re: Doctor said dd's hips are not lined up.

Originally Posted by love2bmom2chris
For your DD, since she was C-section and had blue feet, they should have done an U/S at birth...I can't believe they missed that!
I asked DH if they did anything like this, and turns out they did ultrasound her hips in the NICU but they looked good. DH said they told him it was routine for all preemie (she wasn't really a preemie IMO, but they considered her one because she was only 36 weeks) c-section babies, so didn't think it was worth mentioning. Guess it just slipped his mind until I asked. I had an emergency C-section with complications and then was very sick after DD's birth with rebound Pre-E, so I just do not remember much about our time in the hospital and wasn't able to be there for any of dd's examinations. Thanks again for all the info. We are still waiting on the doc to call back .
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