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Anyone else battling Call of Duty?

My not quite 11 year old son's friends all play this. As does, it seems, the neighborhood. It is a topic of conversation everyday of his life, the most recent being call of duty Ghosts. I feel like the only mom in the world who doesn't want my kids playing it.

The whole point to the game seems to be shooting people. The player is the first person shooter. I don't care if there is "not that much blood" or "you can turn the bad language off", I don't want shooting people to be my son's entertainment. It bothers me in a way that laser tag and nerf guns do not. This seems somewhat hypocritical, I know, and I can't quite verbalize what makes me squeemish. He is much more put out by feeling left out than a desire to play the game, which he admits is not a fun concept for him.

I guess I'm not really looking for advice, cause I'm not going to let him play it anywhere in the near future, regardless, and he just has to deal with the fact he has the uncoolest mom on the planet, but is anyone else facing this?
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