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Smile Re: All You Breastfeeding MOMMYS!!! HELP

i'm currently BF my second..our hospital has free lacation help for pregnant and nursing moms...find out if there is anything in your area and maybe go before the baby comes...Also my breastpump (platex's new one that came out in late 2005 or early 2006 sometime) came with a great pamplet on it...i had already been BFing for months when i got it and i thought "i wish i had this at the beginning." Our hospital hands out a book to all BFing moms too. Just remember your milk doesn't come in till 3-7 days after you give birth, but the baby will get colostrum....The first couple of days with both i was feeding every two hours until my body was making the amount of milk my kids needed...remember it's supply and demand..your kid doesn't suck your body doesn't know you need more milk, my Dr. said not to suppliment till after the 2wk appointment to give my breastmilk a chance to build up...he said that a BFing baby doesn't have to have their birthweight back until they are 2 weeks old... Also with my second he was a after awhile i started to cut him off and give him a pacifier and he would go 3hrs. before he wanted to eat again...he wasn't eating he was wanting to suck...Dr. said to try and make sure you breastfeed no more than 1 1/2hrs. apart in the beginning and if baby seems hungry just try to keep them calm for that long b/c otherwise he said i'd be feeding in short spurts all the time b/c #1 baby is only getting a little bit to satisfy hunger #2 breastmilk hasn't had time to replenish enough to supply enough to fill child up #3 baby will learn to just eat a little and will continue in this pattern...My DD was fine, but my DS i only had to let cry and cuddle him twice before we broke the pattern and he went to every 2-4 hrs...(depending on growth spurts)....i read a great book "BabyWise" that a friend suggested and what they say is exactly what all the Early childhood education class i took said about 1-5yr olds and it really worked for me and made life very children past the age of 1 month have never had to cry for their food (well in the middle of the night or when we're on the road and trying to find a place to stop to feed The book talks about setting a pattern (not schedule) so my pattern was, (during day), nap, wake, diaper, eat, my kids always knew that when they woke up and got diaper changed i would feed them so they didn't need to cry to tell me they were long as they woke up after 2hrs. since having eaten i fed them...personally i did not go longer than 3hrs. in between b/c my mom had breastmilk supply problems and they say not feeding often enough in the first 6 wks can affect that so i didn't want to chance it...the first 6 wks i didn't let it go more than 3hrs. and only 1 5hr. spot each 24hrs. then after 6 wks i let mine sleep and didn't worry...i BF #1 till 18months (and only stopped b/c was in hospital and friend watching baby said i should wean her and didn't bring her in for me to feed) no problems. I'm sure you didn't have this issue, but they also say that giving any food to the baby before 6months old can affect your breastmilk too and my mom said it did her...with 3 kids she gave food at 3months like Dr. said then and lost milk by 6 months...last 2 she didn't give food till 6months and weaned them on her own at a year b/c that's when she wanted lost milk there....
Hope this helps you some....good luck and i'll be praying for you
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