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Re: What age did you start . . .

We just started, 4 1/2 months. We hadn't planned on starting so early. We are big supporters of bf and didn't want to jeporize it. However our little guy was so fussy when we were eating, and not everybody appreciates breastfeeding at the table. We got a little rice cereal and I mixed it with my breast milk. Oh my we have a chomper. After the first couple bites he was lunging for the spoon, making chewing motions with his face, and yum yumming while the food was in his mouth. We made it pretty thick, like pudding and gave it to him out of a regular spoon. We have already started mixing in banana and now applesauce, or banana and avocado (he loves it)
He gets mad if the spoon doesn't keep the food coming fast enough.
I almost always bf him before and after and he still wants to at least a couple oz, or more if I have made it
At first I worried my milk would decrease but it still falls out his mouth when he's done so
you should check out Dr. Jack Newman, he is great, really laid back about solids and gives you a list of the signs you should look for to start solid foods
Good Luck!
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