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Re: Got my diaper with MARKER on it!

Originally Posted by tararaboomdeea
Yes, I was wondering where the other thread was too! I'm sorry it was deleted
Ideally, a customer would email the wahm before ever posting. Chances are if that happened, the WAHM would take care of it asap.....and a customer just might be posting a rave for good customer service instead of a rant. Names should never be mentioned...especially when the wahm hasn't even had the chance to make right on the situation.

It seems sometimes people are too quick to rant about something when they haven't taken the steps yet to fix it with the wahm. I once got a dipe that had blue marker AND food on it (sounds like kids might have "helped"). I emailed the WAHM and let her wasn't a big deal because it all washed off just fine, but I did let her know. I didn't run to a public forum to rant about it. Stuff happens and she is a great WAHM. I know who the wahm in question is and I think she's a great WAHM too - bought from her many times.

That said, I totally understand being upset about bad embroidery and marker that doesn't wash off. You should contact the WAHM and give her a chance to make it right.

(posted a bit late)

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