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Re: I need this baby out ASAP...............

Oh yes and I want that baby to hurry up and come out to so I can hear how that cute newborn dipe works on him j/k
No I really do understand though my first ds was born at 33 weeks after I developed pre-eclampsia and HELLP syndrome, luckily though I managed to avoid them the second time around and had midwives that weren't induction happy. I would tell your doctor that it's your body and you get to decide. If he really wants to schedule an induction,then schedule one and just don't show up that's what I would do any way.
I will tell you what worked for me though to get my second ds to come out, I was worried about the pre-e coming back and ready to be done being pregnant. Warning though this may be tmi. Dh and I had sex in the morning and I put myself up on pillows to keep the semen in there so that it would help ripen my cervix, that got my contractions going. Then again later in the same day, the same thing so that kept my contractions going and strengthened them. Then we went walking all around the local farmer's market. My second ds was born just a few hours after we left the farmer's market! Good luck and labor vibes your way!
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