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Re: With BFing, how do you work it...

Every baby is different. When you first start out (before your milk comes in), you'll most likely be nursing on both sides with each feeding. Once the milk comes in, it will be abundant (in most cases), and then you'll probably be feeding on one side per feeding. As baby grows and your body adjusts it's production to how much baby is actually eating every 2-4 hours, you will probably start feeding on both sides in one sitting. Generally, with breastfeeding, a "feeding" is not considered over until both sides have been emptied. So it's more a matter of how long it takes a tiny infant to "finish" a feeding. My babies will generally take one breast every hour to an hour and a half. My dd is now 6mo and she's still taking about 30min break between breasts, but goes about 3 hours between feedings (timed from beginning of one side to the next time she starts on that side).

Whether or not you pump the other side is up to you. If you want to keep an abundant supply up (for instance, if you're going back to work) than it's a great idea to do that. If you don't need to, then there's no need to pump. However, some moms will be uncomfortably full and leaky if they don't empty the other breast. If you choose not to pump the other side, your body will just regulate itself to not produce as much since breastfeeding works on supply and demand.

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