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Re: All You Breastfeeding MOMMYS!!! HELP

Congrats on your decision to bf. I had trouble feeding my first two as well but sucessfully bf my third for 17 months with no problems! It can be done. My first had latch problems and I didn't know how to fix them and didn't know to go to a lactation consultant. With #2 I went back to work when he was 7 weeks and pumping just wasn't working (didn't have a good pump). Alot can also do with your stress level - with #1 and #2 we were not financially in a good position and we had lots of stress - I mean a lot so that effected my supply. With #3 we were in a better situation and less stress and everything went well. Honestly the best thing you can do (if you don't have medical problems as discussed by PPs) is to just latch the baby on constantly. The more the baby latches on and sucks the more likely your milk supply will come in. Make sure the latch is correct or it won't matter how much your baby is latched on. My hospital has a lactation consultant available anytime you need them while you are in the hospital than you can also reach them by phone once you leave - you might want to check into your hospital to see if that is available they are invaluable. If you ever want to talk please pm me. I've been through a lot with my 3 bfing so hopefully I can help ya. Just stay strong the first 4 weeks are the hardest and will seem like the longest of your life but you can do it. Make sure you have lots of help from family and friends for at least the first 2 weeks it really will make a difference. Good luck and please feel free to pm me if you want to talk or have questions.
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