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Re: All You Breastfeeding MOMMYS!!! HELP

Originally Posted by Mommy2bagain View Post
Hi everyone! I have been reading the post and trying to get a feel for everything on this site and you all seem like AWESOME people! Your so nice to everyone and give advice Its great!! So I thought I might throw this topic in here!

I am a mommy to 2 little girls. A 2yr old and a 14month old. I did not breastfeed them, I did try and my milk ever came in. I felt bad that I could not give them what they needed. My second one was born at 32 weeks and I tryed to pump for months and did everything NOTHING! So I had to bottle feed her. Well I am 7 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and I really want to breastfeed! I really do! Has anyone had a problem and than finally it all worked out? I feel that if I do breastfeed this time and it works that I let my other 2 down cause I couldnt do it for them? I need some advice!!

Also- I need someone to tell me about cloth diapers!!!! I have heard of them but do not know how it works and would love to learn!!! Thanks for hearing me out!!
I don't have any advice to give but can give , I hope that it works out this time and you are able to nurse your little one. And you will not be letting your other two down at all!! You tried everything you could to give that to them and should be proud.

And cloth diapers.......Love them!! My best advice there though is to not pick one brand and stock up or you may have lots of diapers go to waste. I tried about 4 different diapers before finding what worked best for us. So I would suggest going to the FSOT boards and buying different kinds/brands used so you can find what works best from you then stock up from there.
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