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Originally Posted by AbbieJack View Post
It's probably because MOST people with more than 2k post and had been here over a year are no longer here and the ones that are left are not stupid enough to apply to be mod because they just saw the horrible mistreatment of past mods.
I did, in hopes to bring back the support and camaraderie I miss. Sure, some people went Elsewhere and I can get the support there, but people stayed here too. I HATE disagreement and just want fun times back. You all make me feel kind of stupid for hoping (no snark intended) or volunteering. But I am hopeful, and I do want BOTH places to work, because I have friends here and there now. I do have more than 2k posts, and I have been here since 2010. So I applied.

However, I recently passed the torch on my Struggles and Support group for a couple of reasons. 1- I am 15 weeks pregnant and felt it unfair to host a group for people struggling to conceive, and 2- I posted that my friends went Elsewhere and so was I. Clearly I did not leave (because I'm addicted to DS and the plethora of support, knowledge, women, and topics it offers). However, I can understand how that could be seen as a negative for a pending mod, and I can see how someone with a lower post count would have been chosen over someone who threw a hissy fit, stamped her feet, and said she was done.

I'm really disappointed, though. I really did want to try to help. To me, it's not about working for free (since I'm on here all. the. time. anyway), but about giving back to the women who have supported me through the losses of my three babies last year. That support was priceless.
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