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Re: post counts?

Originally Posted by AbbieJack View Post
I'm sorry if my use of the word "stupid" hurt anyone's feelings that was not my intention. I just don't get how anyone with the slightest inkling of what has gone on would even bother to apply as they KNOW how cruddy the last mods were treated. I mean do you NOT see how the current mods are still being thrown under the bus? TPTB are still not coming forward with any answers and are relying on UNPAID VOLUNTEERS to handle to backlash from THEIR mishandling of this site. This will most likely be my last post since we are so censored here that we can no longer express displeasure with the current team because if they get their little ol feeling hurt by our post we get slapped with a strike. So much for an open dialog huh?
Thank you very much We all make mistakes and I know we can get caught up in a heated moments as well, I know I have many of times. I really appreciate it, it means a lot that you came forth and said it. I understand you were just being concerned for us and that means the world to me. Thank again.
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