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Re: All You Breastfeeding MOMMYS!!! HELP

i just remembered reading somewhere when i was pregnant with my first about pills or shots that can bring on milk. I do remember in one of the breastfeeding books the hospital gave me that they do this for women adopting babies who want to breastfeed. Maybe if you have medical issues again or milk doesn't come in you can ask your Dr. about that. If i find those books i can mail them to you if you want or i can tell you the names and authors. One place i read said even men have all that is needed to breastfeed and they can do it if they want to and just get a shot (well that i can't remember if it was true or just a joke)...hey if you can't do it tell your husband to get a shot and he can will look for those books and see if i can find this stuff again (it's been over 2 yrs. since seeing this stuff).
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