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Expecting and already dreading BFing

Help! I'm already despising the thought of breastfeeding again. I had a miserable experience with Baby1. Gave up after 8 weeks. I had serious thrush and didn't know it. I was defeated before I got started after Baby2. Gave up because I was too exhausted (and still uninformed) to try with him. Baby3 I dug in, learned about thrush and persevered until 14 months. Yay! But y'all... I hated it. I was so glad to give her the great nutrition, was happy I was feeding her the way God designed me to. But it hurt every time for 6 solid months. And then after that, it still hurt a lot. So I'm dreading it this time around. I don't have a pump. I don't know that I can afford a pump. I have used a hand pump occasionally. Like 3 times. I had a cheap electric that broke that never worked well. My body never responded well to pumping BUT I never had a good one either. It also seems like pumping would take up so much more time.
Anything you can suggest to help?
I want this baby to have the best nutrition but my first two are very healthy today and they Had mostly formula.
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