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Re: Expecting and already dreading BFing

Originally Posted by mamabby View Post
no advice but I'm having some of the same feelings of dread. feeding ds was a nightmare at first, bad latch and thrush. I was bleeding, I cried every time he needed to nurse. for a few Weeks I had to pump one side because my tissue was so sore. somehow we made it through that (with a good lactation consultant) but I really think it contributed to my post partum depression.

I'm just hoping it is a little easier next time around
Wow. Makes my trials seem much less. In my humble opinion, I would think that definitely contributed to your PPD. I can't shake the feeling that if I don't breastfeed, I'm not being the best mama I can possibly be. But at the same time, I can read your story and tell you this:
A happy mama is much better than an upset mama. So if BFing is hard to the point it makes you unhappy, feed that baby a bottle and call it a day!! You love your child. It matters more how you treat them and less what you feed them. Their lives are more than milk in the first year.
So don't stress about it. Feed them how you want to.

How can I tell you that (and I do mean it) but not relax on myself?
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