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Re: Expecting and already dreading BFing

Originally Posted by y'samma View Post
Same here. I had a bad latch and was bleeding too. A nipple shield and the pump saved my life. We never bought a pump, just borrowed 1 from the hospital till my nipples were healed. My mom was the one who supported me through this horrible experience. I found out that having somebody to encourage you makes all the difference. I was ready to give up by the end of the first month but my mom held me up and I ended up nursing ds till he turned 2. This time I am planning on getting my nipples prepped before hand(massaging them with a nipple cream, I hope that helps with the process), getting a pump and making sure we have the right latch. My insurance covers the pump, so call your insurance if they do that or cover the rent for borrowing 1. I wish you all the best this time round.
Do you have any idea what pump is best? All I have ever heard is Medela is best. But I don't know how old that info is.
My insurance only pays for a pump if you work which I don't. (Hubby is breadwinner here.)
But I never thought of renting a pump from hospital to see if pumping would work for me. Thanks! Great idea! I think that may be the compromise I have been looking for. Thanks so much again!
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