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Re: Expecting and already dreading BFing

Originally Posted by tkeegan View Post
I sympathize with you. I had low milk production (no pain) which was so difficult.

I would recommend a sympathetic lactation consultant. Meet with them before you give birth for suggestions and to have them on hand. I found one that charged me $35. She let me call her several times after the baby was born for free (no charge).

La Leche League meeting were also great support.

A pump is great to have on hand. I loved Medela Freestyle. I luckily was given one.
I hired a doula with my last baby who was supposed to help with BFing. She did a tiny bit but was really lacking. The nurse at the hospital was the biggest help and greatest blessing. And I also saw a breastfeeding specialist doctor when the pain wouldn't go away. But still... I don't want to do it if it hurts again!!!!
Maybe I'm just whining? But I will look into renting a pump to see if I can pump with any success this time.
Thank you for the advice! It does help to have support.
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