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Re: Expecting and already dreading BFing

A lactation consultant may be able to help you find a used pump free or cheap. Medela is great & they carry them at many stores, but there are other good ones out there, too. I have a Hygeia; it's a closed system pump, so safe to pass along, & I think recyclable, too. It works well for me, but I've never used anything else.

And really, what works well for you is what works. My DP nursed out first, but had low supply...she cried the first time she gave DD a bottle of formula, but it didn't do her any harm & both of us wish we would have supplemented earlier. I've been (almost exclusively) bfing our twins for just about 6mos. I am so touched out...I don't enjoy it & I'm gently trying to limit my needier baby's incessant night nursing. I'm definitely considering supplementing for no other reason than I want to. I understand the guilt, really I do. But it's really not only what's best for baby; it's what's best for you, too, and what's best for your family as a whole. If it's bfing, great...but it's also fine if it's only for a short while, or supplemented, or all formula...I, personally, would rather lovingly bottle feed (formula or expressed milk) than resentfully nurse. We had some rough spots at the beginning & I even considered exclusively pumping for my vampire ended up working out once she got a little bigger, but I would have switched if needed.

Also, check whether it's legal for your insurance to ask whether you're working. You could be working FT or not atall...all they need to know is that your DH pays his portion of the premium; it's the same policy regardless. Even if they deny based on your employment, you might be able to appeal that w/ support from your doctor based on your past difficulty. Don't just accept the no.
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