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Re: If you had a D&C-Help

Every woman is different for when they bleed again. Once the baby is removed you still have hCG in you. Once your levels fall back down then you begin your secondary bleed. The higher the levels at the time of your D&C the longer it takes to bleed. You must have had lower hCG levels and so you are getting your secondary bleed.

When to have sex is up to you. Many docs say a month but, after 2 weeks or when done bleeding is enough. You are just waiting for the cervix to close to avoid infection to the uterus after the invasive procedure. If you do not "Feel" like having sex longer than that is normal and go with your gut always.

Most docs ask you to wait till you have a normal cycle. This is different for all women. Some women are TTCing the cycle after the secondary bleed, some wait till AF shows the 1st time after the secondary bleed, while others wait months.

I have had more losses than I care to count (9 PGs and 12 lost babies and 1 live baby *DS had a vanishing twin*) of those only 2 I did a D&C. It took me 2 weeks to get my secondary bleed with 1 of them (7 weeks gestation) and 4 weeks with the other (9 weeks gestation). It took me appoximately 6 months to get a regular cycle back after both, unlike my natural m/c's that the next cycle I ovulated.
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