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Re: Ughh...37 wks 1 day appt

Originally Posted by bohlander04 View Post
Just so you know I haven't been on line lately. Internet is down. Anyway, I went for my 37 wk appt and found out I'm not dialated at all and still thick. I was so shocked since I had all the other lo's at 37 wks at the most. I guess every pg is different but man she just wants to be stubborn. Well that's my lateset news. Please send me vibes to help out Mamas. Any ideas of what will help would be great too.
I feel ya. I went in for my 36 wks (I am 37 wks now) and I am the same as you. Its sucks concidering my first I was already 2-3 cm by 36 wks. But she did come late so I am expecting this one will too (although I am hoping not!)
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