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Re: ok, lay on your + preemie stories!

I am inspired and encouraged by all the positive stories! I, too, had a hard time nursing my 36 weeker. After a week in the NICU, he was a small guy (for me anyway) and came home at 6 lbs 3 oz. (born 6 lbs 13 oz) but just wouldn't latch on and suck. Part of the reason we couldn't take him home after he came off the respirator and out from the heat lamps was because he wouldn't take much formula/breast milk at a time (I expressed for him). After two weeks of trying and both of us crying during nursing, I just said "enough!" and gave him the bottle. I continued to use a breast pump, so he had my milk, but nursing was stressing us both out it wasn't worth it the natural way.

I hope the steroids will do their job for this one. I really hope I make it to at least 36 weeks but we'll see; my 3rd baby tricked us (lol) and made it to 39 weeks after stopping the trib. I had the magnesium and was on tributaline until 36 weeks but she just wouldn't arrive! (by that time I was wishing she would, the ctx. were painful!)
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