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Re: Anyone else with Gestational Diabetes?

I actually have the oppisite of what you have.. I have Hypoglycemia. where my blood sugar gets really really low.

I had to take the 3 hour test with each of my kids .. I passed out on each of them .. but passed them .. it took my last pregnancy to figure out what was going on . I passed out in church .. only to wake up to ringing in my ears.. and blurried vision..dh took me to the ER .. and the first thing they checked was my blood sugar.. and it was in the low 40's... they had asked when was the last time I ate.. and it was about 2 hours b4... they gave me a glass of OJ mixed with a tablespoon of sugar then had me eat when my sugar was back up.

so now.. during each pregnancy I have to eat protien all day long..LOL.. and and eat ALOT..
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