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What is your favorite nb diapering system for large babies?

My first son was 8lbs at birth and my second was close to 10 pounds! We are ttc again and I've been thinking of what to get for are nb stash this time.

What was your favorite diaper or system if you had a large baby? I'm thinking of trying this time: FunOrganic NB Fitteds, Swaddlebees NB Fitteds, Heiny Huggers NB Fitteds, maybe FB XSmall, prefolds, Bumpy night covers, wool and fleece....

The xsmall FB didn't fit fore more than 10 days on my 2nd son who was off the charts for the first few months. We only used prefolds and proraps on my first son--FB smalls didn't fit until he was over 2 weeks old. What are your suggestions? I still have 2 kids in diapers--the oldest is starting to potty learn but hasn't quite gotten the hang of it. I don't want to spend a ton on nb diapers if they end up fitting for only 1 week (but I admint...I love how cute they are!). Suggestions?
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