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Homemade freezer Goodies and tv dinners

We talk a lot about freezing meals ahead, but I'd love some ideas and recipes for snacks ahead. Like, the Sam's club frozen boxed food, not meals!

They have all kinds of mexican food and chicken bites, etc. that you can heat up just a few at a time for snacks!! Maybe I will buy some mini bagels to make those pizza bagels or hmmm... I wonder how those little pizza pockets are made (Pizza Bites??). That makes me think of hot pockets too! I know to freeze them, I'll need to freeze them on a cookie sheet before putting them into the bag.

Any other ideas or advice? Anything I shouldn't try to freeze (along this line)?

Also- about t.v. dinners... Can I just cook up some meat, instant mashed potatoes and open a can of corn and then freeze it in a compartmental dish to pop out and microwave?


PS- I would also like to share that I'm planning on finding delicious looking pictures of the food I make and then printing them out to attach to the package. In the past when I've frozen left overs, etc. they don't look appetizing to me all frozen up in there. But I'm hoping with pictures on them like on the store boxes, I'll see it and think, "mmm... that looks good!"!
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