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Re: ok, lay on your + preemie stories!

Did you try to schedule your preemie with breastfeeding issues or make it longer feeds???? I'm not criticizing, I'm tryign to give you a been there, done that bit of advice. My 34weeker came home BARELY on all nipple feeds. She was getting all bottles and had yet to nurse a complete feed(45cc's). We tried one feed iwth a bottle but it frustrated both of us so I stuck her skin-to-skin in the sling and nursed at will for 3 months. Basically she never came out, except for me to shower. She probably nursed about 5minutes at a time every 20 minutes. But obviously that spaced out over time and it became easier. She never stayed awake long enough for the 15minutes on each side stuff. And even to the very end of her nursing "career" she didn't take 15 minutes per side. She was a very efficient girl and took MAYBE 10 if I was lucky per side. Usually our sessions were done in 10-15 minutes tops when she was older(she nursed until 22 months). So those 5 minute sessions were good for her. I just made sure she was gaining well and threw the "rules" out the window. I suggest you do the same. The NICU is so regimented with their every 3 hours(though I recommend waking your preemie if she/he doesn't wake to nurse every 3 hours at least until she/he is showing that he/she can gain well and maintain) and 30 minute feeds that it's hard to be that strict at home. Just toss out the rules and check hydration and weight gain as your guides. Don't stress mama!
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