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Re: Really starting to hate being preggo -vent-

I feel ya. I don't think I had nearly as much going on while I was pg with dd, but I was ready to not be pg anymore. Do what you need to do to treasure this pg...I set myself up for disappointment with dd, and I think I ended up with PPD (although I never sought diagnosis...I realized as I was finally starting to feel better when she was like 8 or 9 months old). I don't want anyone else to go through the anguish I went through. And I think my bond with dd has suffered some. It is getting better now though, and I feel way better. If you have to tell people not tell you things, DO IT. Seriously. You don't have to carry the burdens of your extended family. Make their problems their problems, set boundaries and stick to them...maybe your dh can help you and run interference for you. A pg with emotionally fragile imo, and we need to be guarded. It sounds like your dh wants to do that for you. I hold you get some relief and have a WONDERFUL 13 more weeks and beyond!
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