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Re: ok, lay on your + preemie stories!

1....DS: PTL at 2 8 weeks.. ish? took meds.. bedrest.. carried him to 36 weeks..Jakob was 5 lbs 12 oz. 18 inches. needed a lil blow by O2 to pink up... had mild jaundice and otherwise fine- we were borth discharged 5 days later.. uncomplicated vaginal birth... he was out in 6 pushes and i tore REALLY bad.. ( got a bunch of stitches)
2....DD: PTL at 22-23 weeks, mild bleeding due to placenta previa... it was mild enough to self resolve- and it moved by 32 weeks... bleeding and PTL and early dilated to 2-3 cm at 33 weeks... bedrest... then at 34 weeks dilated to 6.... went into active labor at home and felt her head while i used the bathroom ( i was 6 cm and effecing rapidly) rushed to Dr. and dr confirmed i was 6 m Cm and that hard slimy thing was , in fact her head and I was in fact in active labor- i got across the street to main hosp. as fast as I could, they hooked up internal fetal moniter due to mild heart decels ... and 90 minutes after I got put in a bed and after only 5 pushes, out she came, at 34 weeks 4 day..Lauren was 5 lb 7 oz 17 3/4 in. I tore with her too... but only 4 stitches... she had Mild resp. distress- oxygen hood and nasal canulla for 6 days,, IV's.. Ng tube ( breastmilk) for a week.
then breastfed ( no bottles). BAD jaundice, and after 10 days got to come home.
3..DD: PTL at 23 wks, bedrest, tocolytic meds, and at 26 weeks PTL and a positive fetal fibronectin , contx. didnt respond to meds... transferred to hosp . with level 3 nicu.. stayed on bedrest in trendelenburg (head down feet up )position almost whole time- cervical incompetance and funneling, then at 28 week, i had pPROM, then a chorio infection, then meconium staining and fetal distress,, - i got steroid shots and antibiotics and drugs to stop labor- but baby was too sick inside and having bradycardia (heart decels) frank breech,there was cord entangelment too -they did an emergancy classical c-section- ( iwas horribly sick from the chorio and it took forever to heal) baby Danielle was 2 lb 9 oz 15 inches...- she was really sick and had to be resusitated at birth- BAD Resp Distress Syndrome ( RDS), had to be intubated immediately, stayed on vent for a month, fought off her chorio infection and sepsis, and a few other infecton, had jaundice, reflux, typical apnea, bradys, desats in Oxygen, weaned off vent to CPAP.. then cannula... came home at 65 days old, 4 weeks before due date at 4 lb 12 oz and 17 inches.. off oxygen and on full breastfeeds.. had reflux really bad though, and had to have a feeding tube for 12 months.. had some delays and a few resp. infections had eye issues ( ROP, petinoptahy of prematurity) and now wears glasses.... but otherwise ok.
4. DD.... incompentant cervix dx'ed at 3.5 months into preg.. bleeding, funelling, premature thinning of cervix.. PTL at 22-23 weeks... baby was small for gestational age too... at exactly 26 weeks i had complete pPROM & was 3 cm and 90 Effaced and started going into labor again...I was medi-vac'ed to BIG hospital with leel 3 NICU... was on magnesium and other labor stopping meds.. bedrest.. steriods. antibiotics, then at 27 weeks baby began to emerge feet first ( footling breech) guess she was tired of having no water in her "swimming pool!" an emergancy classical c-section was done... Kirsten was 1 lb 11 oz 12 inches.
was on the vent first, then CPAP for a LONG time,.. had multiple infections including NEC & sepsis,SEVERAL blood transfusions, reflux, ROP stage 2, hyponutramnia, RDS and BPD (chronic lung disease) FTT, brady's apnea, desats... went home at 85 days old, at 39 weeks 4 lb and 15 3/4 inches on nasal Cannula ( which is what she is still on for supplememental oxygen.. she is wearing it in my avi)& breastfeeding and at 4.5 mos got pnumonia from her reflux 9aspiration.. then secondary strep. pneumonia)and was in PICU for over a month on the oscillator/vent/nitric oxide in a coma...almost died. LIVED.. had 2 healed broken ribs diagnosed that we never knew about from brittle bones from Osteopenia of prematurity-She had tests done that showed delayed gastric emptying chronic cosntipation ( gastric dysmotility), reflux ( duh!) aspiration issues, swallow issues(dysphagia), Had to have reflux surgery ( a fundoplication) and a GJ tube (at 7 months).. her ROP resolved, she still has BPD and also had reactive airway disease, she is about 95% tube fed, cannot drink liquids except breastfeed smalll quanities- i am still pumping for her tube feeds, she has multiple food allergies, she had global developmental delays including speech, she also had Celebral palsy / low muscle tone. ( atonic/hypotonia diplegia).. and craniosynostosis/trigonocephaly (premature fusion of sutures in her skull) oral aversion/sensory issues, and FTT.
I got my tubes tied during my c-section with #4.
Barbarann-:navy wife, momma to 3 ex-nurslings:Jakob 9,Lauren 7,Danielle 5 &
STILL nursing (& also Tube fed) my CD,micropreemie Kirsten 10/05;1lb 11 oz 12 in NOW 3 yrs & 25 lbs,34 in need BF help?*Medela Maven*

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