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Re: ok, lay on your + preemie stories!

You mention 20 weeks, or so... I am assuming that is counting from conception and NOT gestational ( from last period) 20 weeks is not viable.. even 22 weeks is VERY questionable...and 1 lb would be HUGE for 20 weeks... the youngest surviving preemie is 21-22 weeks or so and she was under one pound (which would be appropriate for her gestational age..) so did you mean that her WATER broke at 20 weeks? that would make more sence esp. since you talked about her staying on bedrest...Not trying to be cynical or anything, but 20 weeks (based on LMP.. so 18 weeks from conception) and weighing a over a pound and surviving is ,... well,... impossible.

Regardless, I am glad that her once 1 lb baby , whatever the real gestational age at birth, is doing well now.
( I too, had a 1 lb baby)
I am not doubting you, as it NOT your baby or birth story, but I am thinking there are some gaps in your DH's cousin's story.

Originally Posted by madebytrudi View Post
great stories!

All 5 of mine were born before 36 weeks . . .

My first was born unexpectedly at 32 weeks at 4 lbs 13 oz. came home a week later. off oxygen in 32 hours!

my 3rd was born 36 wks at 5 lbs, 4 oz. my first midwife birth. She was fine. We found out a little later she had malforned kidneys which may have been why she was so tiny.

the others were a bit larger and all did fine. Had preterm labor beginning around 25 weeks with most of them. Midwife told me to eat more protein & I was able to have my 5th pregnancy without brethine to stop labor!!!

DH's cousin had a baby at 20 weeks (or so). Drs told the momma to deliver the baby & let it dye. She refused & put herslef on strict bedrest as long as possible. He was born a little over 1 pound. He's 6 now & going to school. Some health issues, but doing great!

Another story from a gal at our old church . . .. her cousin was born around 1 pound on Father's Day. The pastor stopped the service, headed everyone to the hospital & prayed on the baby. 8 days later the baby went home!

Hang in there! Fear will only make things worse! I will keep you in my prayers!! Great idea to fill yourself with positive stories! KEEP READING THEM!!
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