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WWYD? How to spend gift card?

Okay, so I have an gift certificate that I got as a baby shower gift. Now, there are certainly things I'd like to buy but the 'thrifty chick' in me knows that I can find almost anything cheaper than sells it. Or, if I can't - I can find it in a brick and morter store and not have to pay the shipping, again making it cheaper than at Amazon. I hate to overspend, even if it's not my money. But I've been holding onto this gc for so long now that it's becoming a joke. I do keep scanning the clearance area at Amazon, but there just isn't anything there that I want badly enough to buy.

So, what would you do? Buy something with the gift card at Amazon knowing you can get it cheaper somewhere else? Or, hold onto it indefinitely until you find something that you really can't get cheaper somewhere else? (Assuming the thing doesn't expire on me, of course!)
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